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It is with a very heavy heart that we have to announce that the next Silk Route Show, scheduled for Sunday 22nd November, is unfortunately cancelled. Our venue, the Bedford, will no longer accommodate the show and we are therefore forced to withdraw the November edition. This is not a decision that was made lightly and apologies to everyone that was looking forward to what promised to be a great evening.
For over a month we’ve spent many long hours in search of an alternative venue, one that will still offer the qualities of comfort, convenience and distinctive atmosphere that our Cabaret format is renowned for. It has become clear that it’s not currently possible to recreate the vibe of our showcase environment elsewhere, without making unacceptable choices (such as charging performers or reviewing our guest list policy). Such choices would have changed the spirit of the show.
We believe in the Silk Route as a platform for dancers of all levels to showcase their abilities and promote themselves, a hub and forum for the belly dance community to come together. For the time being, our journey has arrived at a crossroads but hopefully this break for the Show is not for good! Please stay tuned as we continue to review options and alternatives for 2016.
Thank you to all the dancers, audience members and friends of the Silk Route for your loyalty and continued support for our amazing journey so far…….
With love, Michelle (and the Silk Route team)

The Silk Route will be bringing a bit of Las Vegas style to The Bedford in Balham on Sunday 17th May 2015. Our featured artist is the lovely Itziar and we will also expect a mix of shimmy and glitz from Rachel Bennett, Cherie Leigh-Marshall (plus Mims and Natasha Bradley), Catherine Taylor, Michelle McLennan (Urban Drift Bellydance), Naama Gelber, Kim Farnum, Hipsinc, Krystina, Amanda Pittoreska and Edit.

The show will open with our regular “Student Spotlight” section, this time with the Sigma troupe (from Catherine Taylor’s School), Louise (from Cherie Leigh-Marshall’s School) plus Nicky and Feyza (from Rachel Bennett’s School).

You will also have the opportunity to do a spot of shopping at Krystina’s “Bellydance Boutique” which will be at the show to provide for all your essential Bellydance costume and prop needs!

Full details of the show can be found at our website –

Our website also includes links to our Flickr photostream and our YouTube channel for photos and video from the March “Gypsy Spirit” themed show.

Photo of Eva MonRo performing at The Silk Route March 2015

Photo of Eva MonRo performing at The Silk Route March 2015

We’ve some fantastic line-ups to come during 2015 at The Silk Route and to start it all off on Sunday 18th January, we welcome back the amazing Hossam and Serena Ramzy. They will be taking over the show for the evening and bringing with them their Graduates and Students, The Ramzy Dance Company, The Drummer Queens and friends…..expect to be amazed!

Hossam & Serena Ramzy Photo

Hossam & Serena Ramzy Photo

You will have to wait to find out who else will be appearing later in the year……

If you need any reminder of how we finished off 2014 our spectacular “Vintage Gala” themed show then photos from the evening can be viewed on our Flickr photostream – simply follow the links from our website at

Thank you to everyone that has supported the show to date and we can’t wait to see you all again in 2015.

Photo of Maho Tribal Bellydance Student Troupe performing at The Silk Route November 2014.

Maho Tribal Bellydance Student Troupe performing at The Silk Route November 2014.

The Silk Route welcomes back Anna Kemper as our “Featured Artist” for our show on Sunday 16th November 2014. Anna sparked off our first show of the year in January and now sees out the last Silk Route of 2014 which runs under the them of “Vintage Gala”.

We also welcome back Silk Route favourites Bonita, Maho, Roxane Grant, Aliah, Catherine Taylor, Louise Brooks and Hipsinc as well as a debut for the show from Itziar. Our “Student Showcase” section will open the show with sizzling performances from Scarlett Hips (Bonita’s School of Dance), Maho Tribal Bellydance School, The Zahwah Bellydancers (Aliah’s School) and of course students from Anna Kemper’s School. See for more information.

Also, if you missed our September show, or just want to remind yourself of what a fabulous evening it was, photos can be viewed on our Flick photostream – simply follow the “Photo” links from our website.

Photo of Bseisa performing at The Silk Route 21st September 2014

Bseisa performing at The Silk Route 21st September 2014








As we build up to the 21st September 2014 Silk Route, we’ve posted a selection of photos from the July 2014 show on our Flickr Photostream. For a reminder of what a great night of dance we enjoyed, follow the link from our website at

Photo of Tahaty performing at The Silk Route 20th July 2014.

Photo of Tahaty performing at The Silk Route 20th July 2014.

We’ve a night of mystical Egyptian magic and more(!) at The Silk Route on Sunday 21st September 2014 with the theme of “Queen Cleopatra”.

Our “Featured Artist” will be Melissa Pina previewing some of her forthcoming production “The Coronation of Cleopatra”. We will also welcome Asmahan, Tevec, Poppy, Catherine Taylor, Naama Gelber, Bseisa and Helen Rad. As usual the show will open with our “Student Showcase” section which this month will cast the spotlight on Mahira (Melissa’s School), Nafiseh’s students and Sigma (Catherine Taylor’s School).

Doors open at 7:00pm…….

See for full details.

Photo of Melissa Pina - "Featured Artist" at The Silk Route on Sunday 21st September 2014.

Photo of Melissa Pina – “Featured Artist” at The Silk Route on Sunday 21st September 2014.


As the theme for July’s Silk Route show is “The Wit in Bellydance” it should be a fun evening and will, as always, showcase some fantastic dancing. Our Featured Artist is Sarah Malik, London’s very own ambassador of all things Moroccan! We’re also looking forward to performances from Barbara Ölyüs, Sunny, Maho, Tahaty, Aliah, Louise Brooks & Jim Dytham plus Skara. We’ll also have our regular Student Showcase section with Maho Tribal Bellydance School, Sunny’s School and Infinity (Michou Dance Students). All the details plus links to photos from our May 2014 show and a whole lot more can be found on our website

Photo of Sarah Malik

Photo of Sarah Malik – Featured Artist at The silk Route 20th July 2014 .


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